Provide support for brands to create the customer experience they want, bringing total cohesion to the many diverse elements that necessary to build retail environments.


Retail brands operating in Europe wide and smaller retailers benefit from RED's Team of specialists, architects and engineers, in the areas of design, manufacture, construction and installation.


Creative and process design, consultancy services and deliveries based on long term practice all over the Europe. The latest technology achievements are used for design, manufacture, construction in order to deliver smooth process for implementations in retail.


We have worked with companies such as adidas, claire’s Europe, Columbia Sportswear Company, Champion, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Mustang Jeans, VFC: Kipling, Lee, Wrangler; Olsen Fashion, Swatch, The North Face and many other retailers.


We belief that consumer's demands are changing, therefore brands need to assume  new reality and find the ways to attract people. Retail environments are not anymore the only places for desired products delivery. Current approach is not only to see, touch and buy but to feel the brands with all excitements. That's the challenge!